Last Leaf

I raked until I
couldn’t rake

Most of the
debris was in
a curbside pile.

A nice wind cut
through the
humidity to

refresh me but
I was done and
couldn’t take

another sip of
water. Even in
this high heat

my eyeballs
were floating.
Have you ever

heard or seen a
pine cone fall?
Didn’t think so!

There is always
another pine
cone and there

is no such thing
as the last leaf.

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I dreamed of writing during my teenage and college years, but my plans were put on hold in 1965 when I entered the Army. Somehow, a four year enlistment into the Army Security Agency turned into a career! While serving in the Army, my writing skills were honed in assignment after fascinating assignment, e.g., language analyst, basic training drill sergeant, small unit tactics (Cavalry) instructor, Pershing operations sergeant, to name a few. I served as a Vietnamese, Cambodian, and German linguist with tours in Vietnam, Thailand, and Germany. Over twenty years later, I retired from the military and continued to write full time for industry and the private sector. I have returned to the passion of my youth to write the thoughts of my heart in excellent poetry and fiction. (See the Short Bio page for more backstory.)

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