If Owl Could

Will I live long enough to see a cold clear
glass of water become a thing of the past?
I think not.

Will I live long enough to see no more
women and children being abused?
Or teenage gang shootings or high school
killing sprees? I think not.

How about no more rape, road rage, or
sexual abuse? No more abortion or fetuses
found in dumpsters? I think not.

Our culture has become a stagnant pool.
Unfit to drink. But the people say, “Drink!
It is good!”

How will history remember our culture?
History might record that we saved some
trees and a few birds. But in Heaven,
the record shows a culture filled with
pervasive hatred and a high body count.

What about the owl, who neither grieves
nor frets his place in time? His specialty
is simply owling. That is what he does.

If Owl could, he would cry out to our
Maker on behalf of mankind, who has
forgotten who he is and who made him.

Copyright © 2013 Alan L. Slaff, selected from
“The Boy in the Mirror (2nd Edition)”

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