For Some

I watched a sailboat
trying to make its way
across the lake.
My book was open,
but I hadn’t turned a page.
Too tired; too hot.

I checked on the sailboat.
It seemed to be
where it was before.
No breeze.
Here or out there.
Stifling in this heat.

The quiet was shattered
by the high whine
of speed boats that came
and went with or without
skiers in tow.
They buzzed by often
enough to be annoying.

That is peace for some.

I belong to the Lord;
that is my peace.

Unfortunately for some,
their summer is joyous
only because
it follows winter.

Copyright © 2013 Alan L. Slaff, selected from
“The Boy in the Mirror (2nd Edition)”

Published by


I dreamed of writing during my teenage and college years, but my plans were put on hold in 1965 when I entered the Army. Somehow, a four year enlistment into the Army Security Agency turned into a career! While serving in the Army, my writing skills were honed in assignment after fascinating assignment, e.g., language analyst, basic training drill sergeant, small unit tactics (Cavalry) instructor, Pershing operations sergeant, to name a few. I served as a Vietnamese, Cambodian, and German linguist with tours in Vietnam, Thailand, and Germany. Over twenty years later, I retired from the military and continued to write full time for industry and the private sector. I have returned to the passion of my youth to write the thoughts of my heart in excellent poetry and fiction. (See the Short Bio page for more backstory.)

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