Shadows in Life

all things are forgottenby humankindby timeby design except for the memoriesof warof abuseof painof suffering for they are our ownthey made us who we aremaybe not who we thoughtwe wanted to be and what of the other memoriesof joyof loveof peaceet cetera they cast light on the shadowsin life with hope for the lifeto comeContinue reading “Shadows in Life”

For Some

I watched a sailboattrying to make its wayacross the lake.My book was open,but I hadn’t turned a page.Too tired; too hot. I checked on the sailboat.It seemed to be where it was before.No breeze.Here or out there.Stifling in this heat. The quiet was shatteredby the high whineof speed boats that cameand went with or withoutskiersContinue reading “For Some”

Of Tea and Twisted Hinges

A white door stands at the end of a long hallway in my mind.There is an object on the door and some lettering.I walked closer to see. Odd. The paint on the door looksfresh. The object is a red cross. A sign above the doorreads “Intensive Care.” A small gold plate hangs below thecross andContinue reading “Of Tea and Twisted Hinges”

To Reading

I scratched my beard while I reachedfor a book high on a shelf. My thoughtsdrifted to the bookcase in my roomwhen I was a young boy. It was two shelves high made out ofthin plywood, painted a glossy gray.The shelves were filled with TomSwift Jr. and the Hardy Boys. And alot of other important stuff,Continue reading “To Reading”


I was watching the wind’s last playful tug on the disappearing daywondering aboutwhat tomorrow might bring when the phone rang. Itwas the sound of desperation lookingfor work. My wordsof “don’t lose hope” seemed so empty after the call. Maybenot to him but to me. All I could do was pray about tomorrow.Hope for tomorrow.