Laura Revisited

Laura. Bracing for storms coming ourway. The first one sort of fizzled out;second one did not. Waiting for Laura. I’ve been singing that schmaltzy balladfrom the 1944 movie of the same namesince last night. Whatever happened to my mother’s copy of Vanity Fair, I’llnever know. I remember the picture ofGene Tierney in it and GaryContinue reading “Laura Revisited”

A Candle of Faith

I can’t be having the thoughts I’m having.The thoughts of past abuse never gocompletely away. I understand that. Those thoughts spawn other thoughts.And before I know it, I’m back in a place I don’t want to be. Pain and pleasure converge once againand I’m in touch with the confusion of the eight-year-old that was me.Continue reading “A Candle of Faith”

Saturday Memories

I can’t recall but I think I’m suffering from this grand delusion that Saturdaysused to be special. That wasn’t the case today. Saturdaywas noisy. It came with a din of its own. I’ve never enjoyed hearing other people’s loud music as they fly by in a truck (I’d never choose to drive or own). I’veContinue reading “Saturday Memories”