Haiku 49.21

it is the small thingslike no flies in this heat thatbring me so much joy

Haiku 48.21

I am staring atfile edit format view helpit is not helping

Haiku 47.21

could they be a signclouds turn into dragons andrace across the sky

Haiku 46.21

not a bird in sightin this high heat just me anda cup of hot tea


while the sun was shininga heavy rain was falling straight down and the rain could notfind its shadow because it has none unlike the fool who chasesthe shadows of the night unaware that all theshadows of life will be revealed in God’s light

Haiku 45.21

a cheeky cat thinkswe share my patio chairlooks like he’s night shift

Haiku 44.21

it has been raining on and off so many times today I’ve lost count

Lazy Rain

if it weren’t for thebig drops falling from the patio roof you wouldn’t know the lateafternoon rain was there a welcome breeze comesand goes in the quiet of this sweet lazy rain

Said and Sung

I’m sittingin the heatswelteringheat not chasingthe dreamsthat gotaway but dreaming thedreams ofold ageyet to come these dreamsare betterthan theones that missed methat flew bythat neverlanded because I havehad to waitso long forthem I can onlyrepeat whathas been saidand sung you knowyoung or oldwe wait andhope for the best isyet to come

Haiku 43.21

the sound of thunderrolls away to soak somewhereelse with the same rain


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