Haiku 80.21

it’s that time of yearcooler nights and leaves start toshow up on the ground

Haiku 79.21

hot air and high windbattle for space as branchessway and squirrels play

Haiku 78.21

fall clouds tease as theyfloat above the last of thesummer heat I pray

Haiku 77.21

it looks like one ofthose up in the air days withmy dreams in the wind

Summer Passing

in early fallleaves floatdown so slowly one here andone there each like asingle tearfor another summer passing

Haiku 76.21

chipmunks run stop runsome more jump from lawn to fenceto trees then repeat

Haiku 75.21

neighbors outside areclose enough to hear but toofar to understand

Haiku 74.21

when I was a boyI had very much to saybut no one to tell

Haiku 73.21

a few fallen leavesblow across the yard hostileto this late hot spell

To Germany and Back

I unplug my phonegrab yesterday’s socksoff the dresser turn off the nightlightsopen all the house blindsand the car patio door coffee first or clean upfirst coffee can waittoday I shave and clean up inthe loft bathroom and puton my uniform of the day with flip-flops my first cup of the day islight usually CommunityBreakfast BlendContinue reading “To Germany and Back”


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