Haiku 19.20

it was quiet myeyes closed and when they openedc’s ran down the page

Haiku 18.20

the rain came straight downwith the sun shining like afaucet on a cloud


Have you ever watched the sandpipers at Marina Del Rey?Their little bird heads bob back and forth. The thinnestbird legs you’ve ever seen move them quickly across thesand. All kinds of boats paraded by making their way slowlyup the channel, seemingly unnoticed by the sandpipers.It was the mysterious Mauretania that really caught myeye. It wasContinue reading “Mauretania”

Haiku 17.20

sleeplessness blurs thelines between night and day bothseem painfully long

Weeds and Flowers

A weed lived as a flowerin the eyes of the child who picked it. That is, until it was cruelly thrownaway by the one to whom it was given. Her wet cheeks dried as she wavedgoodbyes to the beautiful weeds andflowers through the car window. When you grow up, I hope you will beable toContinue reading “Weeds and Flowers”

Haiku 16.20

my thoughts don’t match howI feel or vice versa soI remain hopeful

Macbeth’s End

Once upon a time, there was a dark prince whowaged a protracted war against the people.He delighted in ambushes of the mind. While swords clashed in the heavens, chaos andconfusion oppressed the people in the light ofday. The enemy sabotaged our highest hopeswith deep despair. Our lives became deserted battlements where heartssmoldered in ruins ofContinue reading “Macbeth’s End”


There are scars people can see.They don’t hurt as much as thescars people can’t see. You wear them well. For now.We all have scars. I guess it justdepends on what we do with them. Time will pass. Some will stillstare at your figure. Others willgawk at your good looks. Most won’t see past the exteriorglaze.Continue reading “Makeup”

Haiku 15.20

some things can’t be rushedno matter how hard you trylike raking the lawn

The Eyes Cannot

The path forward has disappearedor so it seems. It is raining that hard.And the trail that brought me here is not the way back. Reason cannot explain it. Intellect cannot understand it.But Hurricane Delta will come and go. Faith can see what the eyes cannot. Faith keeps the fires of hope burningwhen the cold hardContinue reading “The Eyes Cannot”


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