But Not for Me

the wind is moving sweetlyfrom a tree here then overthere dropping a whisper here then over there butnot for me like the songof the same name even so a gentle breezetouched me to remind methat hope is never lost only momentarily forgottenbut always within reach ofa believing heart and mind there was a time whenContinue reading “But Not for Me”

To Be or Not To Be

as soon as I sat down in my chair on thepatio it started to rain again I had to wear a light vest and as I lit a lateafternoon cigar I listened to what seemed to be a host of kettle drumssitting on the metal roof that would fade in and out then it slowedContinue reading “To Be or Not To Be”

One Thing

Darkness descended midmorningwith a major storm hanging inthe air. Distant thunder is no longerdistant squeezing us fromall sides. Well call me Noah! It is a torrential downpourwith no end in sight. I mustturn on a light in here. I got a severe thunderstormwatch then a flash flood warningand a special weather statement. My phone isContinue reading “One Thing”


not a cloudin the sky how smallthe cloudsin my life suddenlyseem onsuch a beautifulsun filledday only thetiny ant onthe hair of my armis mildlyannoying I flicked itoff hopingthere were no morethat I couldnot see

Haiku 25.21

the wind pushes theclouds past while each tree hearsa different tune

Correction in Two Haiku

for me correctionhas been a godly act of gentleness and love after which I wasreminded to seek his faceyour face Lord I seek

Haiku 24.21

the reflection inthe window is March watchingitself fade away

Every Easter

we have the hope ofJesus’ coming because hehas risen indeed

Haiku 23.21

I am silent inthe quiet waiting for abreakthrough to break through

Haiku 22.21

the wind and the rainhit so hard so quickly agood night for takeout


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