Haiku 5.21

old and new passionscollide only to be metby the joys we share

Haiku 4.21

how sweet is her loveas I change and grow how sweetis her loving touch

Spiritual Sense

You are in a sailboatout on the water farfrom the familiar. The wind ceases. It isso quiet you can hearyourself thinking. The only other soundis the water slappingthe sides of the boat. You pray. Common sense woulddictate that you rowthe boat home. You can if you want.Faith grows choice bychoice. Spiritual sense woulddictate that youContinue reading “Spiritual Sense”

Doesn’t it

got an email phoneusage report forlast year holy smokeswe sent 11,333 textmessages maybe I sent a fewhundredtops says a lot doesn’t itI mean doesn’t it

Haiku 3.21

my eyes got heavyas I closed in on a thoughtthe two never met

Last Car

a thirty-year-old wouldhave never thoughtwhat I just thought I am convinced that when you get older youhave older thoughts which made me thankGod for life today as Ithought that it is highly probable I havepurchased my last car

Tomorrow’s Headlines

as I watched squirrels jumpacross the yard I remembered that God’s grace abounds andGod is greater than any system of government or the people in it or under it and yesterday’s riots will be long forgotten liketomorrow’s headlines

Lost in Two Haiku

America hasfallen is not the name ofa movie or the title of a bestseller but a nation thathas lost its way home

Haiku 2.21

night comes in under the treetops reflecting thethe last light of day

Haiku 1.21

a new year of hopeto simply savor the giftof life in God’s peace


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