To Germany and Back

I unplug my phone
grab yesterday’s socks
off the dresser

turn off the nightlights
open all the house blinds
and the car patio door

coffee first or clean up
first coffee can wait

I shave and clean up in
the loft bathroom and put
on my uniform of the day

with flip-flops

my first cup of the day is
light usually Community
Breakfast Blend instant

while I put the electric
kettle on I take my first
meds of the day to clear

my horrible sinuses

I add hazelnut creamer
and a touch of half & half

I save the killer coffees
for later in the day and
might switch to a little

vanilla creamer or I might
be in a hot tea mood

funny how things change
when I was in the Army in
Bad Kreuznach on my way

in to work I’d stop at the
Kaserne cafeteria for a
large cup of tea where

I’d add sugar and cream
then walk to my office
on the second floor of

the division HQ building
the tea was just right
by that time

good and strong

rarely coffee in those
years now it is rarely tea

oddly I still drink my
first cup of coffee for
the day in a Styrofoam
cup like I did the tea

amazing isn’t it

every morning I go to
Germany and back while
she still sleeps

Every Time a Raindrop Falls

the rain has been
nonstop and pours
off the patio roof

like an open faucet

the trees are heavy
with rain and the
fences are soaked

you leave tomorrow

if you were to ask me
how much will I miss

what if I were to
tell you that every
time a raindrop

falls to the ground
it shouts I miss you

that is how much I
will miss you when
you are there and

I am here

Water in the Sky

it was clear that autumn
is calmly taking over

without a cloud in the
sky the sun seemed so
bright and unstoppable

as we sat and enjoyed
this rare day she
gazed skyward then

turned to me and said
it is like

water in the sky

I turned to her smiled
and said you know I
think you just gave

me my poem for today

Things Like That Happen

I walked her to her car.

“Do you think I can beat
the rain?”

I smiled, “I don’t know.
You and the rain are like

She smiled and drove down
the driveway.

Buckets of rain fell out
of nowhere as she drove
past our mailbox.

It was a five minute
downpour followed by
sunshine and sweet

breezes for the rest of
the day.

I couldn’t help thinking

things like that happen
only because you are
loved and very special.

No Such Luck

I was going to the store
but a dark storm is gathering
all around us

what we needed can wait
until tomorrow as a storm
seldom changes its

appointed path
unless God turns it away

we prayed to God and God
answered our prayers just
like he answered Moses

God answered Moses’ prayer
and parted the Red Sea

God answered our prayers
and moved the hurricane
away from us

but you say I am not Moses
why would God do that for

another said it was luck

if you believe in luck then
you do not believe in God

no such luck

because the God who was with
Moses is the same God who
is with me the same God

then and now and forever

Can Do

every time I see
the majestic

clouds floating
by it reminds me

that some day
soon our glorious

Lord Jesus will
appear in them

and those who are
his will meet him

there in the air

forever lives only
in fairy tales for

those who don’t
believe but if you

believe in God you
know forever is

something only God
can do

For the Children

if you stand in a garage
doesn’t mean you will
become a car

if you smoke a Churchill
cigar doesn’t mean you
will become like


if you have children
doesn’t mean you will
become good and

loving parents

anyone can be a parent

sadly there are no
qualifications to become

the first two are silly
the last one is most

mostly for the children
especially during COVID

Friday Sounds

the late afternoon air is
filled with Friday sounds
that don’t seem as loud

as other days

there is an endless stream
of car horns truck horns
school buses rushing by

the bulk garbage trucks
that normally come on
Mondays whipped through

the neighborhood in twos
there was nothing to

I was wrong

as they were filled with
fallen trees that must
have blocked a street


train horns chime in as
long lumbering trains
cross town holding up

rush hour traffic as
they go

it seems many of the
people are impatient
possibly eager to die

no masks
no vaccinations
they rather believe

the lie

who is willing to hear

the late afternoon air is
filled with Friday sounds

Invisible Visible

prayer is the only
application of faith
that can turn

anxiety into trust
and trust into hope
when there are no

visible solutions to
the problems at hand

the act of prayer
invites the power of
God to solve the


I cannot see the
answer today but in
God’s time he will

make that which
is invisible visible