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The Last Few Days

I’m finally bouncing back after the effects of taking my Dose 2COVID vaccine last Friday. Plus, I’m getting myself motivatedto go for an implant evaluationtomorrow afternoon. The birds sang and the dogs barked without me hearingthem these last few days asnausea, fever, and chills ruled. Little to eat or drink. She cracked the door openandContinue reading “The Last Few Days”

But Not for Me

the wind is moving sweetlyfrom a tree here then overthere dropping a whisper here then over there butnot for me like the songof the same name even so a gentle breezetouched me to remind methat hope is never lost only momentarily forgottenbut always within reach ofa believing heart and mind there was a time whenContinue reading “But Not for Me”

To Be or Not To Be

as soon as I sat down in my chair on thepatio it started to rain again I had to wear a light vest and as I lit a lateafternoon cigar I listened to what seemed to be a host of kettle drumssitting on the metal roof that would fade in and out then it slowedContinue reading “To Be or Not To Be”