To Germany and Back

I unplug my phone
grab yesterday’s socks
off the dresser

turn off the nightlights
open all the house blinds
and the car patio door

coffee first or clean up
first coffee can wait

I shave and clean up in
the loft bathroom and put
on my uniform of the day

with flip-flops

my first cup of the day is
light usually Community
Breakfast Blend instant

while I put the electric
kettle on I take my first
meds of the day to clear

my horrible sinuses

I add hazelnut creamer
and a touch of half & half

I save the killer coffees
for later in the day and
might switch to a little

vanilla creamer or I might
be in a hot tea mood

funny how things change
when I was in the Army in
Bad Kreuznach on my way

in to work I’d stop at the
Kaserne cafeteria for a
large cup of tea where

I’d add sugar and cream
then walk to my office
on the second floor of

the division HQ building
the tea was just right
by that time

good and strong

rarely coffee in those
years now it is rarely tea

oddly I still drink my
first cup of coffee for
the day in a Styrofoam
cup like I did the tea

amazing isn’t it

every morning I go to
Germany and back while
she still sleeps

Cold Coffee

I was sitting in high heat
with a wind warning on
my phone.

I didn’t have to look at
the phone. It was here.
I was typing and forgot

about my cup of coffee.

But I really wanted to
drink the rest of it.
Normally if anything

larger than the head of
a pin lands in my coffee
I won’t drink it.

But not today.

There was the tiniest
flying insect I’d ever
seen floating in my

coffee like it crashed
and burned there.
I stuck the tip of my

forefinger gently onto
the surface of the
coffee. The small bug

stuck to the end of my
finger with a little bit
of coffee.

So, there I sat with a
bug on the end of my
wet finger without

napkins or paper.

I wiped it off to
smithereens on the
black metal chair leg.

By now the coffee
was cold and turned
to sludge.

Some things bug me.
Like debris or insects
in my coffee or

cold coffee.

The Last Few Days

I’m finally bouncing back after
the effects of taking my Dose 2
COVID vaccine last Friday. Plus,

I’m getting myself motivated
to go for an implant evaluation
tomorrow afternoon.

The birds sang and the dogs

barked without me hearing
them these last few days as
nausea, fever, and chills

ruled. Little to eat or drink.

She cracked the door open
and stuck her head out, “I’m
taking my bath.”

That was her way of letting
me know that the music
would be loud and it would

be best if I stayed out on the
patio a little longer. Then her
head and smile disappeared

as the door closed.

So I put my laptop down on
the cement floor next to my
chair and went inside to

make a cup of coffee to see
if I am really feeling better.
She was in her chair not in

the bath yet. I joined her
on my usual end of the sofa.
“I am going to take my bath.”

“I know. No rush. Not a race.
It is only a little after five.”
She asked, “Did you check

the mail yet?” “No.” (Looks
like I totally spaced it.)

She came back, “Do you
want me to get it?”
“No, that’s okay, I’ll get it.”

We smiled at each other
and decided to walk out
together to the mailbox.

Of course, we held hands
all the way to mailbox and
back. A slow sweet walk.

She is so adorable and
loving. Checking the mail
was the high point of

the last few days

Oh, and if you are wondering,
the short cup of coffee was
sweet too if the rest of me


Odds and Ends 3.20

Until now it was a lazy day.
The wind has doubled or more
and the sun is in full retreat.

I better hurry if I want to make
my window for a late afternoon
cup of coffee.

I made a 10 oz cup instead of a
12 oz cup to have enough room
for cream as I decided to try

a cup with cream only. Funny, I
like a double espresso with
sugar. But regular old coffee

black kills my taste for coffee.
I took a sip and put it down.
When I picked it up again, there

was a tiny bug floating in the
cup who didn’t like the coffee

So much for my Plan A. No time
for a Plan B if I had one today.
I guess it is time for me to start

cooking dinner. I am baking
chicken legs. Why chicken legs?
It is the only fresh meat in the

fridge that was dropped from
our scaled down Thanksgiving
menu. We already cut back

on the variety of food and
will cook less of everything.
Instead of for twenty, it will

be for ten, but in reality five.
We just went to back to Phase 2
this afternoon. So the few who

might have come will now get
curbside delivery service. All
wearing masks of course.

At any rate, there will still be
more leftovers than usual.
Turkey and ham will abound

for a good week or so. You have
heard it before, “Be safe, not
sorry.” It is hard to plan with

COVID. Things change quickly.
But we can plan to pray.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Give thanks and pray.