To Germany and Back

I unplug my phone
grab yesterday’s socks
off the dresser

turn off the nightlights
open all the house blinds
and the car patio door

coffee first or clean up
first coffee can wait

I shave and clean up in
the loft bathroom and put
on my uniform of the day

with flip-flops

my first cup of the day is
light usually Community
Breakfast Blend instant

while I put the electric
kettle on I take my first
meds of the day to clear

my horrible sinuses

I add hazelnut creamer
and a touch of half & half

I save the killer coffees
for later in the day and
might switch to a little

vanilla creamer or I might
be in a hot tea mood

funny how things change
when I was in the Army in
Bad Kreuznach on my way

in to work I’d stop at the
Kaserne cafeteria for a
large cup of tea where

I’d add sugar and cream
then walk to my office
on the second floor of

the division HQ building
the tea was just right
by that time

good and strong

rarely coffee in those
years now it is rarely tea

oddly I still drink my
first cup of coffee for
the day in a Styrofoam
cup like I did the tea

amazing isn’t it

every morning I go to
Germany and back while
she still sleeps