Since 1984 — A True Short Story

The night was unkind. I was much too tired to get up and too awake to go back to sleep. If only you knew! I have longed for a good night’s sleep since 1984. And I don’t mean the movie and I don’t mean the book.

That was when I was diagnosed with stuff. Fibromyalgia. Now I am older, and I still can’t sleep because of different stuff, you know, old man stuff. Even so, I still haven’t slept since 1984.

It was dark so I reached for my phone that is on a short charging cord. It is only long enough to reach the third drawer down in the dresser next to my bed. That would be my white t-shirt drawer.

It is five of six.

Every part of me is screaming to stay in bed. An inner voice nudges me to get out of bed while my inner voice changes a no to a reluctant yes. I head for the loft. I turn on the low light on the loft stairs which gives me enough light to flip on the bathroom wall switch. Immediately, I am blinded by the light fixture above the mirror.

Here it comes. Really, it gets better. Stick with me. So, I am in the loft bathroom.

I flush the toilet, and everything seems okay. But there is this gurgling sound. For some strange reason I thought I heard that sound yesterday. But I ignored it. Oops! Clear water is now rapidly filling the toilet bowl and I am not fully awake. I don’t need this.

I take the “you-know-what” and do “you-know-what” with it. This is followed by another small gurgling sound. Another test flush shouldn’t hurt, right?

I walk downstairs as it starts to get barely light and decide to take something into the other front bedroom which is still in total darkness. I fumble for the wall switch. All I see is clear water running out of the ceiling vent and cascading down the chandelier soaking the bedspread.

By the way, I am awake now.

So as fast as I could, I run to the kitchen and grab the biggest metal mixing bowl I have and a large popcorn bowl. I run back to the bedroom where Niagara Falls is still in progress gushing out of the ceiling. And I wait.

The flow slows to dripping and in no time flat each bowl holds about two inches of water. I text my buddy the plumber and caught him before he headed out to get on the road for the day. He said he’d be there in about forty-five minutes.

Get this. When he arrived, he said that if I missed him, I wouldn’t get to see him until the end of the day if I was lucky. I was more than lucky. Think about it this way. I got up and got a wet bed. But if I didn’t get up, I could have had the loft bathroom fall through the ceiling and occupy that bedroom.

God is good. God cares about me – and you.

By the way, my God, did I mention that I need sleep? I hear that inner voice that feels more like a godly shrug.

I know, I know since 1984.