Not a Cliché

the reason for the season is
not a cliché

it is a simple reminder of
the deepest truth of all
time prophesied by Isaiah

“Therefore the Lord himself
will give you a sign. Behold,
the virgin shall conceive and
bear a son, and shall call his
name Immanuel.”

the reason for the season is
not a cliché for Immanuel
means God is with us


the trees took their cue
from the cold snap and
their leaves started

their silent descent
I think this is our first
gray day of winter

even the streetlight is
lost in the sky behind it
which made me reflect

I have never blended in
or stood out not that it
really matters

the weather and the
changing seasons never
depress me but it is

the wind that reminds
me of where I have been
and my failures in life

which are the stepping-
stones between the
victories along the way

and the victories to come

Spiritual Issues

when a system is under
the law and not grace
the system is broken

when a system is broken
the people go around
the system and if that

system is the church
pray for the walking
wounded who long

to hear truth and not
error and long to be
free of political

doctrines that can never
solve spiritual issues