If Trees Could Laugh

the trees and I
look at each other

if trees could laugh
I’d laugh with them


we are giddy over the
sunsets we’ve missed

lost in heavy storms
day after day

but today after the
rain there was a lull

filled with quiet and
peace that permitted

the children to come out
and play until dinner

or dark whichever comes

the sun is setting
unseen behind a cloud

filled sky casting a
dull light erasing any

shadows barely bright
and low in the western

sky making room for the
night when the trees

will dance and sway and
perhaps laugh because

I know

if trees could laugh
I’d laugh with them

A Visit

darkness and strong winds
preceded the storm as

the trees turned into dark
silhouettes and the

temperature dropped

debris flew off the roofs of
houses nevertheless the

rain held back but not for long

as I remembered a piece of
my childhood about thunder

who told us that thunder is

the sound of Rip Van Winkle and
his men playing ninepins in the
clouds above the Catskills

if my father told us I wouldn’t
believe him and if I laughed
I didn’t know why

I know now

probably nervous to death
with fear constant fear

my hope for them is a brief
visit and speedy return to
the Catskills we visited

a visit
I can no longer remember

from a childhood I rather
not remember

Rip excluded

Silence of the Morning

the air is so hot and still
you can taste it you become
a part of it

the sound of a lawn mower
shatters the air into a
million pieces

after a while you don’t hear
it anymore then it fades
and goes away

the silence of the morning
moves back unheard and
unseen to fill the vacuum

of the sounds that went away

in the South it seems that
the sound of lawn mowers
is part of the ambience

of sitting outside in the
summer heat as one waits
for the air to speak in the

silence of the morning