To Reading

I scratched my beard while I reachedfor a book high on a shelf. My thoughtsdrifted to the bookcase in my roomwhen I was a young boy. It was two shelves high made out ofthin plywood, painted a glossy gray.The shelves were filled with TomSwift Jr. and the Hardy Boys. And alot of other important stuff,Continue reading “To Reading”


I was watching the wind’s last playful tug on the disappearing daywondering aboutwhat tomorrow might bring when the phone rang. Itwas the sound of desperation lookingfor work. My wordsof “don’t lose hope” seemed so empty after the call. Maybenot to him but to me. All I could do was pray about tomorrow.Hope for tomorrow.

If Owl Could

Will I live long enough to see a cold clearglass of water become a thing of the past?I think not. Will I live long enough to see no morewomen and children being abused?Or teenage gang shootings or high schoolkilling sprees? I think not. How about no more rape, road rage, orsexual abuse? No more abortionContinue reading “If Owl Could”