Playing Games

I have the breeze all
to myself and the neighbor’s

dog is curled up in the shade

I know he’s a smart dog
because he said that it is

even too hot to play chess

my stare said it all as I
told him I don’t play chess

he swatted the hot air and
didn’t miss a beat

you’re not that good at
checkers either

dog’s right

I’ve never been good at
dogs or playing games

or people now that I think
about it

Not Far Behind

It got dark at midday when
the first thunderstorm hit
and bright sun followed.

But not for long as the
fourth thunderstorm of the
day just passed over.

It is the start of hurricane
season so it is easy to
think of doom and gloom.

Will our new fence hold
this time?

Talking faith on a sunny
day is one thing but on a
day like today you hold

your breath and pray the
Lord will bring us, our
house, and fence through,

not to mention the swaying
trees and swinging power
lines. God is our provider

and refuge as the weather
becomes a true test of faith
with hope not far behind.