Weeds and Flowers

A weed lived as a flowerin the eyes of the child who picked it. That is, until it was cruelly thrownaway by the one to whom it was given. Her wet cheeks dried as she wavedgoodbyes to the beautiful weeds andflowers through the car window. When you grow up, I hope you will beable toContinue reading “Weeds and Flowers”

Time and Tears

Although I am locked into a life withoutyou, I feel you behind my eyes.I feel you deep down inside where no oneelse has been. I sense the softness of your skin, even thoughwe never touched beyond a parting embrace.I can still feel your eyes finding mine. We stared in silence because we would nolonger shareContinue reading “Time and Tears”

Saturday Memories

I can’t recall but I think I’m suffering from this grand delusion that Saturdaysused to be special. That wasn’t the case today. Saturdaywas noisy. It came with a din of its own. I’ve never enjoyed hearing other people’s loud music as they fly by in a truck (I’d never choose to drive or own). I’veContinue reading “Saturday Memories”